About Us and Our Vision


Banz Capital was founded in 2019 and is a Multi-Strategy hedge fund focusing on the crossroads of the 'digital markets', which includes blockchain, digital assets, and cryptocurrencies that meet due dilligence.

Banz engages in both 'automated' and discretionary, 'manual', investment/trading strategies to provide above-average, risk-adjusted returns in a vast, growing digital market.

We use a unique stack of investment & trading strategies, mainly focused around concepts of Quantitative Finance and proprietary software development.

Banz navigates both the early-stage institutional/enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency markets, as well as the 'established' liquid digital markets in pursuit of a unique management.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

Banz Capital's designed strategies circumvent Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), an investment process of assessing investments in relations to risk, return, and correlation to the rest of the portfolio, and investing accordingly.

Banz applies MPT concepts as well as the likes of Keynesian Theory, Value Investing, and Game Theory. Banz Capital is the product of years of delicate construction, and a relentless passion for Wall Street and technology.

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Distributed/Decentralized Development

Banz conducts full-fledged software development within the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and DLT sectors.

Core development team is U.S.-based, and is experienced in development with Cryptocurrencies, Solidity, Binance Chain, ThunderCore, decentralized applications (Dapps), and much more. To learn more about Banz's service, get in contact with us today.