Banz Capital

Digital Asset & Digitized Security Management

Exceptional risk-adjusted returns from an actively directed portfolio.

Private Digitized Security Investments

Our portfolio is adaptive, with a focus on investments in digitized securities and security tokens via established private investment opportunities.

Progressive Trading

We have carefully calculated a precise portfolio allocation towards systematic and discretionary trading, utilizing a variety of unbiased market positions. Adaptability and evolution is paramount.

Strict Compliance Adherence

Banz places significant emphasis on regulatory adherence regarding investment decisions. Digital asset markets are newly established and we approach it as such with dilligent compliance checks.

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Avg. 2017 Long & Short Equities Hedge Fund

Averaged 2017 Digitized Security/Crypto Growth

This demonstration is solely to illustrate the comparison of the performance of different asset classes and methods. Past performance does not indicate future results, and the Banz Capital strategy will differ. Results are calculated according to the following performance report and cryptocurrency report.

Banz Capital is an unbiased, exclusively digital asset class hedge fund. Our values in management revolve around understanding deeply how this new market functions and thus applying our existing stock & options trading systems expertise to seek out alpha in a more opportunistic playing field. Digital assets, cryptocurrencies and digitized securities alike are sectors of complex, yet unsaturated market territory, which makes them to us, even more appealing. This represents for the first time in history, movable, tradeable, and configurable asset-backed securities, all functional on private markets. We stress high importance on approaching this market unbiasedly (cyclically & expansively).

We believe in absolute adherence to regulatory frameworks. This means completing thorough due dilligence from a compliance perspective on all levels. We seek the utmost standard in security and safety for our investments while pursuing market 'edge' in a variety of what can be perceived 'alternative' methods.

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