Banz Capital

Offering high net worth investors exceptional risk-adjusted returns from a managed portfolio. Emphasis on arbitrage and quantitative bot trading.

with a traditional hedge fund in 2017 would net an average in profit.

with quantitative trading and ICO contributions would net an average in profit.

A team of dedicated quantiative traders and analysts

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Simulated trading, arbitrage opportunities, and quantitative strategies are monitored and managed 24/7. The goal of Banz is to outpace the traditional crytpo market, which as of Q1 2018 has been completed.

The first hedge fund for crypto dark pools.

Banz is the first hedge fund that will utilize dark pools for block trading and quantiative analysis through the utilization of the Republic Protocol. Dark pools enable newfound opportunities for hedge funds, as demonstrated in the traditional stock market. The implementation of crypto dark pools will only further adoption.

Fund Allocation