Banz Capital

Digital asset and blockchain hedge fund

Offering high net worth individuals, funds, and family offices exceptional risk-adjusted returns from a managed portfolio.

Blockchain Ventures

Venture investments into deviating newfound projects and distributed ledger technology (DLT) companies.

Quantitative Trading

Vigorous backtesting and thorough analysis of digital assets through both in-sample and out-of-sample methodologies.

Portfolio Management

Diversified portfolio of held digital assets, analyzed and correlated amongst other large-capped assets.

Banz is a digital asset based hedge fund that focuses on quantitative trading, arbitrage, and ICO projects. The quantitative part speaks to the fact that digital assets can be analyzed in different ways than traditional assets because of their nature. The ideas that build the foundation of the fund reflect the concepts presented by Josh Levine in the early 2000s within the creation of the original ECN’s, including the adoption of ‘Island’, the backbone of all current day trading systems.

Banz focuses on alternative methodologies and newfound strategies via algorithms, quantitative analysis, and thorough research of new DLT projects. Through the blending of all of these core ideas, we are able to deliver unique management for high networth individuals (HNWI), funds, family offices, and much more.